Altercation by Mignon Mykel

For LESS THAN 48 HOURS, Altercation is 99¢ (Holding, book two, is $2.99). Both books, as well as the prequels, are #FREE in #KindleUnlimited but for a limited time, non-KU readers can grab this emotionally charged duet for less than half the price!

⋆★ This book exceeded everything I was hoping for while at the same time breaking my heart. I laughed, I cried, and most importantly, I loved. – Amazon Reviewer ★⋆

⋆★ Sometimes it’s the fight that proves your worth.

Porter Prescott spent years fighting to be his own person.
His goal of playing for a hockey club not associated with the Prescott name finally comes true.

But just as he’s leaving for the next chapter in his life, he meets her.
Asher Spence spent a lifetime learning she was worthless and unwanted.

She learned that sometimes the only person you can count on is youself, and even then, you can fail.

What starts out as picture perfect can only come crumbling down.
No one listened to her pleas before,

Why should they listen to them now that she’s found a place to finally call home?

⋆★ But sometimes, it’s the fight that takes you out of the game.

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